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Today is Sunday, November 17, 2019
How the Zone System Works
Fares within the City will have a MAXIMUM fare of $5.75 (including the allowable surcharge)from One Point to Another. If you are charged more than this by ANY Company PLEASE report it to the Fredericksburg City Police Dept

Are you in need of local, long distance, or airport transportation? Hilldrup Virginia Taxi Cab Service has the capacity and flexibility to meet any and all of your needs. Hilldrup Virginia Taxi Cab Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We travel to all major airports including Richmond, Reagan National, Dulles and B.W.I.

Hilldrup Virginia Taxi Cab is the oldest and largest cab company in the area with a growing fleet of cabs. Founded in 1898 as Hilldrup Virginia Taxi in the City of Fredericksburg, we have come a long way from using horse drawn carriages with hanging lanterns for light at night.

About Us

Changes are coming to the taxi industry in Fredericksburg. As you may know, Hilldrup Virginia has provided transportation solutions for the Fredericksburg area for over 100 years. With a fleet of 30+ vehicles, we provide safe rides home, transportation to and from airports and daily transportation to and from the places people need to go. Read More

Rates / Services

Our regular rates within the city of Fredericksburg are based on the three zones and pricing set down by City Council.

CLICK HERE for a map of the three zones along with the related pricing.

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Booking App

Booking a cab in the Fredericksburg area just got a lot easier!! Hildrup Virginia is making new advances in our transportation services. You can now book your cab through your smart phone. Download our booking app today!

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